So long summer, Hello Fabulous Fall!

So long summer, Hello Fabulous Fall!

Don’t know about you but I LOVE fall. I love the newness that it brings as summer winds itself down into a slower, more meaningfull pace. I love the cooling of the days and the crispness of the air. I love the transformation that I always undergo, whether it’s going back to school or starting a new adventure.
And while I have dedicated 20+ years of my life to going back to school, I am finally comfortable with the need to delight in the education I have, and leave it at that. I mean, let’s face it: a law degree is good enough for me.
And while I say good-bye to my academic yearnings, I say hello to my new adventures. But with any new adventure, I have to be in the right “zone”. For me, my new “zone” is my newly redecorated study and desk.
What was once a well-loved armoir, I picked this piece up at a second-hand store and converted it to my desk.
This is the desk where I earned my law degree with countless hours spent studying during the four years I attended law school. (Four years since I went to school part-time while working full-time and tending to my ailing grandmother).
With life’s chaotic circumstances prevailing my thoughts and time when I started law school, I never had time to make my desk my own. Sure, it was adorned with pictures of Boris (my cat) and other things that make me smile, but it never had the right “feel”.
And as my life is metamorphosizing into something newly different, I figured it was time to finally make this desk what I had always imagined it to be-a calming sanctuary in which I can dream, create, and write.
So, viola, I introduce my inner sanctum to the world. Not for the purpose of seeking praise, but rather for the purpose of showing you the epicenter from which the “new and improved Leslie” will launch.
So, here’s to out with the old and in with the new. Here’s to welcoming another fall with the newness that it will bring. And here’s to saying good-bye to experiences that brought me where I am today.
And as the saying goes,
“Just when the catepillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”
Fly, butterfly, fly.

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