I came to Boston for the first time 363 days ago. What I found was a city, justifiably, traumatized by the horrific events that took place just days earlier at it’s cherished Marathon. And what I also found was a sense of community unlike anything I had ever seen.

Through that strong sense of community, I was overwhelmingly welcomed by sharing my personal story to a few amazing people. The story I shared was one of hope. One of living with limb loss for 37 years. And one of telling people that their lives would one-day return to their new “normal”.

Four trips later and ready to board a homeward-bound plane, I remain forever grateful for what Boston has meant to me. And being at yesterday’s Marathon to finally experience the magic of the beloved Marathon Monday, I saw that the race had been run and the finish line was crossed. My work here is done.

With that, I leave with a full heart in knowing that the friendships will continue and the impact it had on me will never fade.

Be the good.



_P5C9219 smI recently
had lunch with a friend who encouraged me to write a book about my life. When I said I hadn’t yet done that one pivotal thing by which I want to be known, he disagreed saying that I had already done so much, which to him, was inspirational.
While his flatterly motivates me to plan my next steps, I will suffice to having others write my story instead. And with each time I see my story in print, I remain utterly honored that it’s one worth sharing and a featured one at that!

Tons of gratitude to the Mobility Project by Mobility Management for sharing my story!

Just on the heels of my umpteenth trip to Vienna, I remain utterly and foolishly smitten with that city. Between the architecture, the music, and the la dolce vita of the Viennese, there’s no more magical place that I’ve experienced.
Easily accessible for all, the city offers old world charm with modern conveniences in the public transport system and free wireless in its countless coffee houses.
While I try to capture the images of what I experience and what I see, this is my Vienna.