This is the time of year that I’m most reflective; most appreciative; and most excited.  I actually take the time to look back at what the previous year meant to me while expressing gratitude for the lessons it taught me.  And while those lessons are usually the impetus for change, I am thrilled at what lies ahead.  

So, here’s to 2012 for what it was and to 2013 for what it will be.  

Travel. New adventures. Friends: new and old. Unguarded laughter. Risks. Joy. Learning life lessons. Accepting fate. Spontaneity. New perceptions. Free expectations. Starting & finishing tasks. Smiling. Boris. Making change. Being present. Being intentional. Opening my eyes and seeing things in a new light. Confirming beliefs. Affirming convictions. Practicing gratitude. A posse ad esse. Living a life without limits. Standing up for what is right. Thinking outside the box. Leaving the familiar. Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Making lists-checking them twice. Committing to change. Helping others. Buying a domain. Filing copyright. Writing things down. Being realistic. Saying “no”. Exploring options. Trying new languages. Creating a nom de plume Launching & writing an article. Being the change that I want to be. Dwelling in the opportunities. Admitting defeat. Shine, rock, sparkle. Being vulnerable. Pink Moleskin journals. Drawing lines in the sand. Being forthright. Being honest. Starting to be myself. This is what 2012 meant to me.

I was asked to contribute an entry to a friend’s birthday book so as to impart some of my life’s lesson to him.  In light of the recent tragedy and of life’s uncertainty, I hope it has universal applicability.  And here it goes…..

My words of wisdom to you are: live life fully. Live every minute like it’s your last so that you cherish the moment and the lesson that comes from it. Live life fully so that you have no regrets; you’ve left no stone unturned; and you’ve appreciated all that you have been given.

Go to bed each night knowing that you’ve given the best that is you and that you’ve imparted knowledge on someone or that you’ve lent a helping hand. Know that people matter more than possessions and each person comes into your life for a reason. Know that differences between people forge stronger bonds and allow us to appreciate that which makes us unique and that which makes us different.

But beyond living life fully, love fully. Love yourself. Love your family. Love your friends. And love your life. Surround yourself by positive and loving people so that you are filled with such a positive force that can (and will) sustain any and all trials and tribulations. Love each day that you have and bring it forward to the next, even when it’s hard to do.

And finally, do. Do what makes you happy. Do what makes others happy. Do what is right for you and for your family. Do good in the world. Do good with unsolicited expectation. And always do the right thing. And so it is.