Of late, I’ve overheard several conversations of young women talking about how much they hate their bodies, their faces & their lives.  

It’s a sad commentary on how they see themselves, but an even sadder commentary on how society places such a high value on being beautiful, on being of a certain physicality, on being of an expected “norm”. 

And while I  remember that adolescent angst of wanting to “fit in”, I simply didn’t fit in then and I don’t fit in now.  So with the perspective and confidence that comes with age, I wouldn’t trade the “now” for “then”. 

Maybe it started after being featured in last month’s Prevention magazine #loveyourbody campaign but it’s a message that I’ve manifested and lived.  Spreading the message of positive body image and embracing our own uniqueness, is easy to do if we can, first, love ourselves.    

It’s quite simple, but it seems that by first loving and appreciating ourselves, then we can more fully love and appreciate others.  

Join me in starting a revolution which I’m calling #daretobebare and show the world that there’s nothing more beautiful than a person who’s comfortable in their own skin.