Prolonging my “Fifteen Minutes of Fame”

When it comes down to it, there’s good PR and there’s not-so-good PR. And we’ve all seen what the latter looks like. When I think about PR, or more accurately projecting myself to the world, I want to project an image of someone who does good. Good for others. Good for just doing good. Good for selfless reasons. And good because we never know when we will need to be the recipients of others’ goodwill.
As someone who has ALWAYS loved fashion, my eyes are opening as to how I can share my fashion-passion (hey-how fabulous is that?) for others with limb loss or for others, in general. I independantly created a concept article and write under a nom de plume for an unspecified publication (always the legal mind 🙂 ). But after a year of press and getting feed-back from the readers, I’m thrilled to know that I’m helping people by sharing with them, a few things that I have learned along the way.
As the Universe continues to push me towards this realization, I have the distinct honor of returning to Boston to meet many of the people who lost limbs from the Marathon bombing. What turned out to be an initial visit showing camaraderie in late April, has evolved into continued communications with some of these amazing people-now culminating in return trip to Boston next week.
And with that, I offer a little PR I did. Be the good.


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