After nearly 45 years of living this life, I am now just realizing how life comes full circle and how life presents opportunities when we sometimes least suspect them.  Having been on the Board of Directors for the Amputee Coalition for the last three years, I was contemplating whether or not to re-new my Board appointment for another three-year term when I was asked to be part of the Executive Committee. 

When realizing that my voice would be stronger and that I would be part of developing the organization’s strategy, it occurred to me that refusing the nomination would be foolishly selfish.  How can I impact change if I am not at the table?  How can the voices of people be heard if I don’t speak up for them?  And how can I walk away from a golden opportunity being gifted to me from the Universe? 

And from the position as Madam Treasurer, I am honored to accept the role and position myself to make the world a better place. 

Be the good.