20130916-220210.jpg After a busy day of running errands last week, I was greeted by a thick, beige envelope when I came home. In it, were postcards from people thanking me for my involvement with Wiggle Your Toes, a Minnesota non-profit on whose Board I serve. Though each handwritten card was signed with a first name only, each card bore a rubber stamp impression of the “Postcard Underground”.
My Google research revealed that the Postcard Underground is a highly secretive group of people who send gratitude postcards to people who have done something good. How they selected me is likely from a recent newspaper article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune but I’ll never know.
That they selected me is one of the kindest gestures I’ve experienced. And being the lucky recipient compels me to do even more good deeds. Not for notoriety but rather, for beneficence.

Be the good.

patsy karen nina mary