Heel Envy No More.For as long as I can remember I have loved, loved, LOVED all things related to fashion. I love clothes. I love skirts. I love dresses. I love blouses. I love boucle jackets, wool blazers, and cashmere sweaters. I love textured nylons. And I love printed Italian tights. When it comes down to it, when it comes to fashion, I am an addict.

But what I don’t love about fashion are shoes. Having been a person who uses a prosthetic leg as one of my many fashionable accessories since I was 6-years-old, finding shoes, rather CUTE shoes, has been a bit of a heel.

For those non-prosthetic wearers in the world: prosthetic feet are pre-made with a fixed heel height, usually between 1/2″ to 3/4″. Without going into great detail about the physics of prosthetic feet, suffice it to say that the purpose for low heel heights is to most mimic a non-prosthetic foot and to replicate a non-prosthetic gait and alignment.

So when it comes to shoes and having a closet-full thereof, I am an atypical woman. Until recently, for me, shoes were a functional item and fashionable shoes were just not an option. Besides, we would all rather spend our money on things we love, right?????

Then it all changed!

Although fashionable flats have made their episodic Fall debuts throughout time immemorial, I have to hand it to Tod’s and BCBGirls, and now, Michael Kors for consistently introducing fashion-forward, and prosthetic-foot-friendly shoes in the last 3 seasons(but who’s counting???). Not only have they created lower heeled options for women, in general, but they keep producing fashion-forward, prosthetic-foot-friendly shoes, as well.

So like the millions of other women looking for fabulously fashionable flats, I am loving the new options that come out, season after season. And with that, I suffer from heel envy no more.
Here’s to many seasons of fashionable flats and to the shoe designers who make them.