As someone who is a victim to fashion, I am equally a victim to comfort.  So,  when I was AOPA’s trade show last week-end and discovered this new line of Silipos GeLuscious products, my creature-comfort interest was beyond piqued.

Silipos?  I know you’re curious about it, aren’t you. They are an American company that manufactures silicone products primarily indicated for the orthopedic medicine market but everyone should know about Silipos because they manufacture medical-grade silicone gel that cure a thousand ills (and then some).  Personally, I absolutely LOVE Silipos for the one product that I have used for years:  their adhesive gel squares.  One little piece of it provides hours of much-needed relief and allows me to walk pain-free for hours and miles, on end.  But they’re not only good for me as I can imagine the wonders they’d work for people dealing with bony prominences, bone spurs, or similar orthopedic-related issues.  Seriously, these things are little silicone gel pieces of heaven so much so that  keep extra supplies in my suitcase when I travel the world.

Brandeburg Gate, BerlinIn fact, I discovered just how fabulously multi-functional these things were when I was on a recent trip to Berlin.  Although I know better, I decided to wear some relatively new boots while traveling across the pond and hoofing through Schipol.  And by the time I got to my hotel room in Berlin,  I had developed one of those, I-know-I-shouldn’t-have-have-worn-those-boots blisters.  You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

With the next day being my only day to explore before my work-week began and it Otto Bock Science Center, Berlinbeing my first time to Berlin, I desperately wanted to explore the city.  While band-aids weren’t doing anything to help reduce the nauseating blister pain, I immediately thought to try a piece of the extra Silipos that I had in my travel-kit.  Prepped with pain-numbing Neosporin (another travel-kit mainstay, by the way), I carefully taped the Silipos pad on my heel; donned my well-worn Tod’s walking shoes; borrowed an walking-stick type umbrella; and set off to see the sights of Berlin.

American Sector, BerlinAnd low and behold, it worked!  It didn’t completely relieve the pain but it do so enough that I was able to spend the next 4-5 hours walking from the Brandenburg gate to Check Point Charlie to the remains of the Berlin Wall, albeit with the use of a hop-on-hop-off bus.

Check-Point Charlie, Berlin

So, knowing how well the Silipos pads worked for my blister, I was THRILLED to see these little ditties: the GeLuscious Heelmate pads.  Of course, I already put a packet in my travel-kit and am ready to set off on my next adventure knowing that, should I need them, they’ll do the trick.

Sometimes, being fashionable really means being functional and comfortable, at the same time doesn’t it?       530999_3364845771679_923101186_n