MattThere is nothing quite like seeing yourself on the big screen, especially when the subject of what’s showing on the big screen is your life story.  As part of the Reel Abilities Film Festival in Minneapolis, “Limitless“, a 10 minute short film about my life’s story made it’s world-wide premier.

Being the person I am, I purposely did not watch the film before it premiered because I wanted to experience it with my parents, family and friends who were in the audience.   So, when it rolled (and after a nano-second of panic), I sat back; watched; and enjoyed what I saw.  I enjoyed the way that my story was told with the film’s imagery and messaging.  I enjoyed that people cried.  I enjoyed that people laughed.  I enjoyed hearing that people who know me best learned new things about my experience.   I enjoyed that a 9-year-old girl in the audience wanted her picture take with me and after asking me for a hug.  I enjoyed that it opened the eyes of others.

I am forever grateful for the people who made this film happen.  That mine is a story worth sharing on such a scale is humbling.  But by doing so,  my eyes are opened to the realization that we all have stories to share.  What’s your story?

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Walking the Red Carpet while wearing Prada.  Two things I did as part of last night’s opening festivities for Reel Abilities Minneapolis-St. Paul.  My life story is the subject of a 10-minute short documentary film, “Limitless“, and is one of the festival’s films.  Created by Ottobock, it documents my life living with limb loss; using their products; and coming full-circle by now working for the company.

I do not define myself by the loss of my leg.  Never have.  Never will.  But I do realize that my story is unique.  And I realize that sharing it may bring hope to one person or teach another about overcoming adversity. In the end, it’s about accepting life’s circumstances, good and bad.  And using that which could limit us to make our lives limitless.