Sitting in the back of a sedan en route from LAX to Pasadena last year, with NPR sounding the background, I saw a billboard somewhere near the exit to the Forum.

It read:
“Dream to learn.
Dream to learn.
Learn to dream”.

At the same time, the then running story was about Magic Johnson and the tremendous impact he’s made on re-building Inglewood.  The story described a certain movie theater to which Mr. Johnson makes frequent visits for the purpose of creating a safe-zone.

Located in what was described as a “gang-laden” neighborhood where violence is a much too often experienced reality, this particular theater is a safe-haven, even when Mr. Johnson is not there.  He instilled an expectation that violence is not tolerated at this theater. And he did so such that kids and teens and adults could watch movies without the fear of violence.

If this one person can be this impactful, imagine what we could all do, if were all given the chance to learn to dream.