Travel. New adventures. Friends: new and old. Unguarded laughter. Risks. Joy. Learning life lessons. Accepting fate. Spontaneity. New perceptions. Free expectations. Starting & finishing tasks. Smiling. Boris. Making change. Being present. Being intentional. Opening my eyes and seeing things in a new light. Confirming beliefs. Affirming convictions. Practicing gratitude. A posse ad esse. Living a life without limits. Standing up for what is right. Thinking outside the box. Leaving the familiar. Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Making lists-checking them twice. Committing to change. Helping others. Buying a domain. Filing copyright. Writing things down. Being realistic. Saying “no”. Exploring options. Trying new languages. Creating a nom de plume Launching & writing an article. Being the change that I want to be. Dwelling in the opportunities. Admitting defeat. Shine, rock, sparkle. Being vulnerable. Pink Moleskin journals. Drawing lines in the sand. Being forthright. Being honest. Starting to be myself. This is what 2012 meant to me.