It’s Friday so why not be Limitless?

MattThere is nothing quite like seeing yourself on the big screen, especially when the subject of what’s showing on the big screen is your life story.  As part of the Reel Abilities Film Festival in Minneapolis, “Limitless“, a 10 minute short film about my life’s story made it’s world-wide premier.

Being the person I am, I purposely did not watch the film before it premiered because I wanted to experience it with my parents, family and friends who were in the audience.   So, when it rolled (and after a nano-second of panic), I sat back; watched; and enjoyed what I saw.  I enjoyed the way that my story was told with the film’s imagery and messaging.  I enjoyed that people cried.  I enjoyed that people laughed.  I enjoyed hearing that people who know me best learned new things about my experience.   I enjoyed that a 9-year-old girl in…

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Work duties bring me back to Vienna, Austria this week-the city I find me to be my happiest self.
The number of times I’ve been here are countless. But each time I’m here, I fall truly, madly, and deeply in love with this wonderful city.
It’s not that I go to the finest restaurants or see the tourist sites. Those are the last things I do. Instead, I find the coffee shops frequented by the locals. I take the Strassenbahn to work just to observe the Viennese culture. And I shop at the Naschmarkt so I can pretend, if only for a week, that this is my home.
Because my German speaking is poor, rarely do I engage in conversations when I’m exploring. But what ensues is my internal voice reminding me just how richly life has showered me with gifts. Gifts like this experience. Gifts like other experiences.
And with John Coltrane filling the background of the cafe I visited for dinner and this in my foreground, I took stock of things, only to find just how amazing life has been.
That’s not to say that the life I’ve lived has been easy, it’s just that I’ve chosen to accept the things I’ve been given as gifts with the greatest gift in just loving this life I’ve been given.

As someone who uses all forms of Social Media to keep in touch with friends; keep abreast of the latest-breaking news; and generally follow the goings-on of the world, I am a firm believer it its infinite power.  So after launching this blog, my first-ever attempt at blogging, I naively thought that my creating it and pressing it for all to see that people would just come to read it. 

Little did I know that was NOT how it worked and that I would have continued down that meager path until the timely intervention of a marketing-guru-friend (whom I will later write about).  And being the Fairy Godmother-Marketing Guru that she is, she jumped into my melee of marketing mayhem and used her super powers to help me transform my blasé blog into what it is today.   And as she continues to guide me down the path of success, she sagely suggested that I do this quick-blog.

While I understand that asking for followers is somewhat of a social media faux pas, I will breach whatever credo that is and ask for followers, at the risk of being tacky.   

So, here it is:  Please, please, please follow-me on Twitter @Lesliepittsc1.  And while you’re there, please follow me on Instragram at “oneblondelawyer”.

 Sending mega-watts of gratitude to all!!!! 

I had the tremendous opportunity to be the key-note speaker at a recent event, the T.O.D.D. Field Day, in Minneapolis last week.  The event was sponsored by Ottobock Healthcare, OPAF, Courage Kenney Rehabilitation Institute, and took place at the BSA Base Camp.  Named after Todd Anderson, the event is in its third year of honoring Todd and his mantra of “Taking Opportunities, Defying Disabilities”.

I was honored to know this man while remaining eternally grateful for the influence he had in my life.

Check out my guest post on the Ottobock Momentum blog-

Recent travel has afforded me with time to catch up on reading articles I’d previously relegated to my “to-do” list. And in doing so, I read about a study (citations omitted) that revealed the powerful benefits, both physical and psychological, of positive thinking. Along with decreasing the sequalae of misdirected anger, the study described the health benefits of optimism including decreased heart disease and anxiety. It further described what I believe to be true: that by maintaining a positive outlook on life, the hard times will be lessened and the good times will be enhanced.