Leslie Leslie Pitt Schneider is a limb-loss lifestyle expert with a passion for fashion, travel and fitness. Her blog, One Life One Limb, is her her story about life without limits. Her goal is to change perceptions and opening our eyes to see that physical differences do not people make.  We are human.  We are one.  In her motivational speaking, she reminds people to “use that which could limit you to make your life limit less.”

Her life story is in a 10-minute short film, “Limitless“, which recently made its world-wide debut at the Minneapolis Reel Abilities Film Festival.  Produced by Ottobock, the prosthetic company she works for and the company which manufactures the products she attributes to making her life limitless, the film shows Leslie’s unique life story living with limb loss.

About Leslietravelleslie
Leslie Pitt Schneider, JD, RN, CCRC(ACRP), HT(ASCP) has 20-plus years of professional experience including direct patient care, clinical laboratory tasks, clinical research administration and oversight, regulatory and legal management. She holds a Juris Doctor degree, a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, an Associate’s Degree in Nursing, and certification as a Clinical Research Coordinator and a Histotechnician. She is the Manager for Clinical and Regulatory Affairs for Otto Bock Healthcare and works within the General Counsel’s office.  Additionally, she provides lobbying support at both the Federal and State levels.

Leslie is involved with grass-roots effort in passing legislation in Minnesota for Fair Insurance for Amputees plays a similar role with the Federal Parity issue in her role as Chair for the Government Relations committee with the Amputee Coalition. Her community involvement includes serving on the Board of Directors for the Amputee Coalition, Wiggle Your Toes, ACES for Students, the University of Minnesota Institutional Review Board, and the Minnesota Timberwolves Fan Advisory Board.

Leslie B&WLeslie has lived with limb loss since the age of six when she was involved in a traumatic accident which resulted in the amputation of her left leg, above the knee. Challenged, tempered, and inspired by her own limb loss, Leslie has nurtured her focus on healthcare accessibility and become a passionate advocate for the betterment of people of all cultures and backgrounds. Through her community involvement, Leslie has contributed much to the life quality and healthcare access of those coping with limb loss and diverse healthcare challenges.

LPS VIENNAIn her spare time, Leslie enjoys traveling the world, fashion and personal styling, fitness including kettle bell and Pilates, living a life without limits, and being uber-fabulous!

Leslie is a passionate advocate for people living with limb loss with a particular interest in helping women and girls retain a positive self image despite their limb differences. Her column Phantom Fashionista currently appears in the Amputee Coalition’s In Motion magazine and addresses many of those challenges.

Board Membership
ACES for Students, Board of Directors; Amputee Coalition, Board of Directors; University of Minnesota, Institutional Review Board; Timberwolves Fan Advisory Board

ACRP Tipping Point Contest Finalist
University of Minnesota Cancer Center Innovative Idea Winner
University of Minnesota Cancer Center Award for exemplary contributions;
ACRP Innovative Idea Finalist for developing an online regulatory submission site

Subject Matter Expert For TV & Movies

TNT Medical Drama HawthoRNe 2009-2011


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  1. […] Leslie Pitt Schneider is a limb-loss lifestyle expert with a passion for fashion, travel and fitness. We did our photoshoot on May 3rd, 2014. She is a very genuine person with a lot of passion. And that was very transparent the moment I met her. I had to admit to her that I was very nervous to do the shoot because she has been photographed by a lot of other photographers and I literally told her that I don’t want to disappoint her. The pressure was just too much. […]

  2. I have a 6-year-old friend, Leo, who will have his foot amputated June 23. When we asked him what he thought would make him brave during surgery, he said that a superhero cake might help. I’ve just made him a Batman blanket and cape, but wish there was something more that I could do.

    Your website is an amazing resource. I keep thinking if Leo could hear from another child who has gone through a similar situation, it might give him hope as he faces this new challenge in his life. His parent adopted him from China four years ago so he’s already shown incredible bravery and resiliency.

    Any letter or email to him or his parents (I worry about them as much as I do him), would be so appreciated. Maybe there’s another resource that specializes in children amputees? I thank you.

    With respect,
    Diane Triplett

    Carpe diem,

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