One life.

Oh to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. Healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Wealthy in boundless opportunities to enrich our lives, as well as the lives of others. And wise in adhering to our belief in trusting that life is what we make it.
We’re only given one chance in life. So why not celebrate the chance to enjoy it while being healthy, wealthy, and wise?



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  1. Hello my name is James Devito from JAFO. I have been working for many years on two products of which I think you will find very interesting and helpful to those with prosthetic limbs and drop foot. I have bilateral drop foot and developed and wear a new type of AFO. From this AFO, I was able to create an off the shelf prosthetic cover that zips on and off in two seconds. Both have been launched three weeks ago and the attention and traffic has been a blessing. Many people are wearing my products and I’m happy to say that from my horrible experience I have been blessed and I am able to give back. Many orthotists and a few large distributors are prepared to stock the JAFO and Freedom Cover. Please take a minute and look at the information I attached to this email as well as If you have any interest in my inventions I am always free to talk.

    Take care.

    James Devito

    • Hi James: Thanks for reaching out via this blog and Facebook, too. Wow, your device looks amazing-congrats! As I am unsure about how I can help, I kindly ask what type of assistance you are seeking.
      Kind regards, Leslie

      • Marketing through Clinics, old-fashioned gorilla marketing stuffing envelopes and also emails to every prosthetist in the USA. lol Tomorrow Hanger will evaluate the product and decide whether they want it on 800 facilities. Keeping my fingers crossed! Maybe you can ask your prosthetist to review the product bc insurance pays for it as a protective covering. I’ll make sure you get it for free if he wants to see one.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. I wanted to make people aware that there is an easy on/ easy off leg cover now that fits 95% of the artificial limbs and is covered under insurance. I know people like to fill out their pants, play sports and need a cover, protect their limb from the elements and also want an option to take it off in 2 seconds to show off their limb! This is a new product and trying to get it out there. I thank you for your time and help in this matter.

    • Wow, very cool idea! I, myself, wear a foam cover over my C-Leg but I know alot of people who do not. How have you been marketing it? Were you at AOPA? If you’d like to send me a sample, I can ask some of my local friends to try it out and give their feed-back. After doing so, I am happy to blog about it. What do you think?

      • Yes I was at AOPA in Vegas. That was my third one. I’ve been doing gorilla marketing; stuffing envelopes, harrassing emails to every O and P shop in the USA, FB advertising, etc. If you ask your prosthetist to look at the Freedom Cover I’ll make sure you get it for free. It is covered under insurance! Let me know. 347 525 0322.

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