The race has been run.

I came to Boston for the first time 363 days ago. What I found was a city, justifiably, traumatized by the horrific events that took place just days earlier at it’s cherished Marathon. And what I also found was a sense of community unlike anything I had ever seen.

Through that strong sense of community, I was overwhelmingly welcomed by sharing my personal story to a few amazing people. The story I shared was one of hope. One of living with limb loss for 37 years. And one of telling people that their lives would one-day return to their new “normal”.

Four trips later and ready to board a homeward-bound plane, I remain forever grateful for what Boston has meant to me. And being at yesterday’s Marathon to finally experience the magic of the beloved Marathon Monday, I saw that the race had been run and the finish line was crossed. My work here is done.

With that, I leave with a full heart in knowing that the friendships will continue and the impact it had on me will never fade.

Be the good.



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