For the love of Prada…

Leslie in NorwayAs a freshman in college, way back in 1986, I desperately wanted a Levi’s jean jacket and I broke the bank by buying one at the Gap. But a great ROI it was because I wore that jacket everywhere. Paired with the plaid skirts, button-down oxfords, and Bass penny loafers, my jean jacket was my attempt at making my dorky self seem a little bit “cooler”.

Fast forward 22 years later as I am planning a fall business trip to Vienna, followed by a few days of R&R in Venice. Moving away from my former dorkier self (I hope), my prepster attire has evolved into a more fashion-forward interpretation of classics paired with trendy pieces. But with the same need to be “cool”, I was on the quest for a designer denim jacket.

And that’s when I discovered eBay:  God’s affordable answer to us haute-couture-wearing- wanna-bes.  Desperately searching the thousands of jackets for that “just-right” look, that’s when I saw a Prada denim jacket.  “Slightly used” and “$135.00”, I bit the bullet, hit the “Buy It Now” option, and bought it with the hope that it was authentic and sans moth holes.   Leslie_Venice

Just three days prior to my trip and much to my relief, the jacket arrived and it was love at first sight (yes, I fall in love with clothes).  It fit.  It had the right fading in all the right places.  And it was the perfect weight to throw over a dress, a sweater, or a long-sleeve t-shirt.  Carefully packed away in my suitcase, it made its international debut in Vienna, and then to Venice, and it hasn’t stopped its globe-trotting ways ever since.

This thing goes with me everywhere and in its left breast pocket are coins from all the countries in which it has been worn.   Wearing it with leggings and a tunic or over a black cocktail dress, I love the look it gives with anything it accompanies.  It’s the right weight for those chilly evenings and can be worn under rain coats for when the drizzle starts coming.  But best of all is the feeling I get when I wear it because it reminds me of all the places I’ve been while encouraging me for all the places I’ve yet to be.

So, here’s to the beginning of a lifelong love affair to this jacket and to Prada for creating the perfect denim jacket with long-standing quality and fashionabilty.  Don’t knock vintage until you’ve tried it. Leslie_Lisbon

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