Honored that Mine is the “Featured Story”


Always trying to fit in by not standing out seems to be my life’s mantra.  Because of what happened to me at a young age, my life has been about accepting what makes me different while appreciating it for being my greatest strength.  But I am not alone.  We all have things that we have overcome and can use those things to make our lives limitless.

It is truly humbling that mine is a story worth featuring in this month’s edition of the O&P Edge.





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  1. Hi Leslie,
    I can relate well to your own story as I lost my leg when I was 10. I wish someone had been there then for me the way you have been there for young children who lose limbs. What you do is fantastic!

    • Thank you, Angelina. Our paths are quite similar, aren’t they? I think I always try to give back and try to make things easier for other people because my own experience was not always that way. Sending you lots of love!

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