When Your Story is Worth Sharing…

1505532_10202483758126966_2138554636_nWe all have stories. And I am honored to be given the opportunity to share mine in an upcoming issue of O&P Edge. There’s no greater gift than knowing that my story brings value to humanity.

Be good. Do good. And let the goodness that comes from it sustain you.


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  1. Hello! Just found your website, through the O/P Edge magazine. So fun to find another amputee woman about my age who is loving life with one less limb! I’m at work so can’t comment long, but I’ll dig around on your website more once I get home. My website, with my story, is at justonefoot.com and my writing, about my leg, my life and family, and the things I love, is at justonefoot.blogspot.com. I’m also on facebook at judy johnson berna. I’d love to be friends! 🙂


    • Judy: Thank you for your kind words! I love your blog! I love your journey! Yes, there are too few women who share our stories as we know how difficult it is to “put it out there”. Let’s let us being pioneers pave the paths for others to follow!

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