“And she absolutely radiates strength”

Several weeks ago, I sat down with a writer at Caribou coffee in St. Louis Park.  Nervous about our meeting, my anxieties were alleviated within minutes of chatting with the lovely Ms. Letta Page over lattes and chai teas.  An editor by trade, and a self-disclosed “Doogie Howser”*, Letta is a master of the written word as she edits academic works; writes several blogs, and generally fills the world with her amazing spirit.  (*She finished grad school before she was 20 years old!!!).

The purpose of the meeting was for her to interview me for a blog she writes for the studio where I do Pilates.  After a few moments, she “got” me and how I see the world; my experiences; and how life compels me to constantly pay it forward.  While the hour passed in what seemed a few moments, it was an hour filled with laughter and marvel at her interviewing skills and her love of life.  

And now seeing her written word is nothing short of amazing which leaves me truly humbled to see how she skillfully captured the essence of me.   



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  1. To be fair, I was 21 🙂
    And I can’t wait to team up to take over the world, even if it’s just by laughing over coffee. That counts for something, right?

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