Loving the good press that “Limitless” is getting!!!  My life’s story is the subject of the film and hoping that my story would help one person or open the eyes of others is why I decided to share it.  So, seeing the press makes me believe that it’s doing just that!

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Short of Pitt Schneider Debuts at Disabilities Film Festival

Practice Compassion
Practice Compassion

Natural disasters.  Acts of God.  Catastrophies.  All tragically unfortunate realities of life.  All unpredictable and uncontrollable in their occurrence, gravity,  and magntitude.  Why these happen, we’ll never know.  But what we can learn is that maybe they make us better, as a humanity.  Maybe they ignite us to show compassion.  So on this day, World Kindness Day, think about giving.  I did.  Red Cross.

Photo courtesy of TRX
Photo courtesy of TRX

Developed by a Navy SEAL, TRX training is a work-out system that is comprised of nylon straps within a suspension system.  It is engineered to provide an all-over body work out that uses one’s own body weight for a maximal effect.  It’s transportable and can  done in gyms or in homes, with or without trainers.


My friendly Kettlebell trainer got me started on TRX about three years ago and I have been hooked ever since.  Using one’s own body weight, the resistance created is only as big (or little) as the user.  That means that you’re not using more than your body can handle, thereby decreasing the potential for injury, while getting a fabulous fat-burning work-out.  What is also great is that TRX can be done standing or sitting, with limbs or without limbs, and in a gym or in your home

What’s even better is that it works ALL of those things that Spanx can’t fix while giving an all-over body work-out, in an efficiently short amount of time.   Biceps bulge.  Triceps tone.  Pecs perk.  And glutes get up-lifted.

From a Limbitless scale (rating it as being prosthetic-user friendly), I’d give it a 5 out of 5! And from a Fabulous scale (rating it as a fitness-friendly work-out), it gets another 5!

What’s not to love?   Let’s get fit:TRX!

Taryn Rose“Entrepreneurs have a profound grasp of the obvious” is a quote that Taryn Rose, M.D. said during her keynote speech at the Women Venture event in Minneapolis yesterday.  Herself a “serial entrepreneur”, Dr. Rose shared her family’s story of fleeing then-Saigon in 1975 and persevering to find an American to sponsor her family as a partial basis for her success.  Being a physician’s daughter, Dr. Rose went into medicine to eventually become an orthopedic surgeon. During her medical training, while working in a Diabetic foot clinic, she brilliantly devised a research study that successfully demonstrated that fashion-forward diabetic-friendly shoes. had a higher rate of compliance by the people who used them. In other words, she designed shoes that were functionally appropriate for people with Diabetes by engineering the shoe inserts with materials that helped protect their feet from skin break-down or foot ulcers which, left untreated, could lead to amputation.  Taking it further, she started designing shoes in her garage and eventually developed her Taryn Rose shoe line into a multi-million dollar shoe empire.

Although her bio on the Women Venture’s website is what initially piqued my interest in attending yesterday’s event, I had no idea that I would be so motivated by her story. What first interested me in her story is that she is an orthopedic surgeon who forged her own path into fashion by creating fashionably functional shoes.

As someone with a life-long love affair with fashion, I chose the legal and medical (as a nurse, a histotechnician, and a clinical researcher) professions because I didn’t think fashion careers were “credible” (by my own perception). Not that I would forego the amazing career path I’ve chosen but I’ve reached that point in my life to find my truer self and to do that which brings me passion.

So with my inner voice telling me that I had to meet Dr. Rose, I did just that.  At the conclusion of the luncheon, I made my to the front of the ballroom, patiently stood in line for her, introduced myself, told her about this blog, and said I am going to buy a pair of her shoes so that I can blog about them. I told her that I’d love to consult with her about developing shoes for prosthetic feet and she didn’t say “no”.  

Meeting her put it all into perspective for me.  Maybe this blog is my only foray into fashion and that’s okay.  It’s manifests my academic amalgamation of providing advocacy (that’s the legal brain speaking) by giving peer support to people with limb loss (that’s the medical care-giver-wanting-to-help-people brain speaking) about life-style expertise on fashion, travel & fitness (that’s the passionate true-self brain speaking).  

So, if by blogging about fashion is the extent of my fashion “career” and one person feels beautiful or more confident about something they’ve learned, then I have achieved success.  

And now, time to shop for these uber fabulous Taryn Rose shoesImage

It’s Friday so why not be Limitless?

MattThere is nothing quite like seeing yourself on the big screen, especially when the subject of what’s showing on the big screen is your life story.  As part of the Reel Abilities Film Festival in Minneapolis, “Limitless“, a 10 minute short film about my life’s story made it’s world-wide premier.

Being the person I am, I purposely did not watch the film before it premiered because I wanted to experience it with my parents, family and friends who were in the audience.   So, when it rolled (and after a nano-second of panic), I sat back; watched; and enjoyed what I saw.  I enjoyed the way that my story was told with the film’s imagery and messaging.  I enjoyed that people cried.  I enjoyed that people laughed.  I enjoyed hearing that people who know me best learned new things about my experience.   I enjoyed that a 9-year-old girl in…

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