International Travel & the Art of Being Fashionably Comfortable

Let's Go

I am lucky because I get to travel.  And I am lucky because that travel frequently involves international jaunts to Europe. While I am all about being comfortable during those long, international flights, I am also about traveling in attire that doesn’t consist of yoga pants and over-sized hoodies (although, I’m all over that combo on week-ends).  

And as I’ve tried hundreds of outfit combos, I typically land on my two, tried and true combos:  leggings/tunics, for summer travel; and jeans/long-sleeve t-shirt/boyfriend cardigan for winter travel.  

So, as I’m about to embark on a European trip in a few days, allow me to share what I love about my winter travel attire.

Anemone sports bra

Vince Long-Sleeve T-Shirt


Boyfriend Cardigan

New Balance

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