At the risk of sounding tacky, I’m asking for followers…

As someone who uses all forms of Social Media to keep in touch with friends; keep abreast of the latest-breaking news; and generally follow the goings-on of the world, I am a firm believer it its infinite power.  So after launching this blog, my first-ever attempt at blogging, I naively thought that my creating it and pressing it for all to see that people would just come to read it. 

Little did I know that was NOT how it worked and that I would have continued down that meager path until the timely intervention of a marketing-guru-friend (whom I will later write about).  And being the Fairy Godmother-Marketing Guru that she is, she jumped into my melee of marketing mayhem and used her super powers to help me transform my blasé blog into what it is today.   And as she continues to guide me down the path of success, she sagely suggested that I do this quick-blog.

While I understand that asking for followers is somewhat of a social media faux pas, I will breach whatever credo that is and ask for followers, at the risk of being tacky.   

So, here it is:  Please, please, please follow-me on Twitter @Lesliepittsc1.  And while you’re there, please follow me on Instragram at “oneblondelawyer”.

 Sending mega-watts of gratitude to all!!!! 

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